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Welcome to the site of the Jewish community of Cologne
"Jüdische Gemeinde Köln e.V."!

The Jewish community is first of all a place where Jews feel like a big friendly family.
We are an incorporated community. This means that though all our actions are carried out according to orthodox traditions, we accept participation of Jews of all directions and currents.
Being an official organization, the community possesses ample opportunities to satisfy spiritual and other non-material needs of its members. Everyone can find organizational, political and financial support for realization of positive ideas and initiatives here.
The community is a member of the Council of religions of the city of Cologne, which allows us to protect the interests of the Jewish population of Cologne at the highest level.
The wide network of contacts to other Jewish and non-Jewish noncommercial organizations allows us to take part in many municipal activities, festivals and competitions. All Jewish holidays are celebrated, lessons of religion carried out, various cultural and sports activities organized in the community.
Up to 90 % of the Jewish population of Cologne are migrants, natives of the countries of the former USSR. Many of them have difficulties studying German language, getting their degrees recognized, finding employment, communicating with various German departments and organizations, and simply finding their own social environment in this new situation.
All activities of our community are directed at achieving one purpose: to help integration of Jews into the German life and to save them from assimilation and loss of roots.

Join our activities and events. The larger the community, the stronger it is and the more opportunities it creates for its members!

We are waiting for you and saying:
Peace be upon you, Shalom Aleichem!

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